Upcoming on the Blog

Hank Green at the last stop of the Great Ameri...

Hank Green: VlogBrother, EcoGeek, possibly Batman. But is he evil? Find out in the next Making Crap Up story next week. (Image via Wikipedia.)

This week on the blog is Guest Week, with Kelly Cordray taking over Random Musings from Monday on. (I’ll still be blogging over on – dpecs., including hopefully a Random Thoughts essay on…something, reviews of Oscar-nominated short films (along with predictions of the winners), and possibly Thursday Trivia (on Friday!) on a certain topic).

Next week on the blog will be “Lost Post Week,” in which I’ll be writing posts that I planned on writing in the past, but didn’t get the chance to. Here they are:

  • Music Monday: I discuss and present Josh Groban’s “February Song.”
  • No Tuesday Stuff I Dislike next week.
  • Wednesday Top 5: The Top 5 Most Famous Computers of All-Time.
  • Thursday Trivia: 5 need-to-know facts about the New York subway system.
  • Friday post!: Next week, a Making Crap Up post! ‘Cause, you know, I miss them. Next week’s topic will be Hank Green of the VlogBrothers, with the story being “6 Shockingly Evil Things About Hank Green.”
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: Why I like mac and cheese, chicken, and all sorts of other foods.

Until then, enjoy the stylings of one Kelly Cordray – I’m certain you will.


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