Thursday Trivia (on Saturday!): The 1962 Mets

[Jim Thorpe, New York NL, at Polo Grounds, NY ...

Unrelated: This picture of Jim Thorpe at the Polo Grounds is rife with double entendres. (Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr.)

Even as a Mets fan, I think we can all agree that the 1962 Mets were awful. Seriously, flat-out, Trolls 2 awful. The Mets, the “baby of the National League” that year (as shown by their cute-but-kinda-creepy yearbook cover), ended with a record of 40-120 and were a whopping 60 1/2 games out of first place. But despite their ridiculously terrible play, the Mets were 12th in the league in attendance, with 922,530 National League play-starved fans filing into the Polo Grounds.

Four more facts about the Metropolitans after the jump!

  • The only player with an on-base percentage over .400 for the Mets that year was Richie Ashburn at .424. The team’s average? .318. (Yikes.)
  • Two home runs were hit into the center field stands of the Polo Grounds in ’62 (a distance of 475 feet in 1962), on consecutive days – Hank Aaron for the Milwaukee Braves on June 17th and Lou Brock (yes, speedster Lou Brock) with the Cubs on the 18th. That total equaled the amount of home runs hit to center at Coogan’s Bluff since the 1923 remodeling of the park (home runs hit by Luke Easter, then with the Homestead Grays of the Negro League, and Joe Adcock).
  • Not exactly a great deal of trivia for Mets fans, but the initials of “Marvelous Marv” Throneberry (not to be confused with The Wild Thornberrys – anyone remember The Wild Thornberrys?) were MET – Marvin Eugene Throneberry. (Dude also had a Jeff Franceour-esque walk total in ’62, with only 34 bases on balls to his name.)
  • Finally, a bit of trivia from the wonderful Mets nostalgia blog Faith and Fear in Flushing: only three Mets were given the honor of having cards in the Fleer set for 1963. They were Roger Craig (who went 10-22 in ’62 and issued the first Mets run allowed on a balkand celebrated his 81st birthday on Thursday), Al Jackson (a wonderful man, who went 8-20), and “Hot Rod” Kanehl (who had the shortest of the careers among the three, only playing with the Mets from ’62 to ’64).

4 thoughts on “Thursday Trivia (on Saturday!): The 1962 Mets

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  2. And the longest serving (but not original) Met Ed “Loopenark the Great” Kranepool graduated from Monroe in the Bronx in June ’62 and played for the “big” club later that year.
    Here’s a bit of trivia – who was the 1st person to play for the Mets who was born after the Mets?
    Second – How did Craig balk the 1st run in? Against which team?

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