This Week’s Musings: Free-Food-A-Palooza! (And two announcements)

Cup of coffee with whipped cream

Intergalactic Whipped Cream Day is February 1st. Be there, folks. (Image via Wikipedia.)

So I’m back after a week-and-a-half long absence of doing…not much of anything, really. (Well, I did the Macaulay Vlog, that’s about it.) Instead of doing the usual Unrandom Musings, this week there’ll be a week-long series of reviews – it’s “Free-Food-A-Palooza” week! This is all possible thanks to Tenka, the splendid NYC-based coupon website that often provides free food; for the past month since they introduced SMS-based coupon redemption (to go along with their smartphone based redemption), I’ve gone on five Tenka trips, which I’ll talk about and review this week. These trips are the following:

  • My trip to Wafels and Dinges on December 20th will be chronicled later tonight, as will my visit to Pita Joe from December 21st.
  • Thursday’s posts will discuss the “Free Food Crawl” of January 12th, where I received a free slice of pizza from Rosella’s, a free sandwich from Toasties, and a free bagel from Izzy & Nat’s (all of which are in the Financial District).
  • Yesterday’s trips to Curry in a Hurry (where I received a free samosa) and the Tuck Shop will be discussed on Friday, along with a diatribe of friends-with-benefits over at – dpecs.
  • Finally, today’s tomorrow’s visit to The Daily Soup will be chronicled on Saturday; afterward, Free-Food-A-Palooza will become an infrequent post to the blog.

Now for the announcements. First, my friend and dorm-mate Kelly Creary and I both realize the incredible wonder of whipped cream, in its versatility, its simplicity and its just-plain-awesomeness. We wanted to create a National Whipped Cream Day, but apparently, that already exists. But that didn’t stop us from still creating a new holiday: INTERGALACTIC Whipped Cream Day! Intergalactic Whipped Cream Day will take place on February 1st, and around the galaxies creatures of all shapes and sizes will enjoy whipped cream in as many ways as humanly (or otherwise) possible. Stay tuned for more news as to how to celebrate Intergalactic Whipped Cream Day in the coming days.

Second and finally, I’m going to be taking off the week of President’s Day, the week of February 21st. And for those of you worrying that Random Musings will go dark that week, fear not, for my dear friend Kelly Cordray (whom we last saw at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine during the “Unlocking the City” series) will be taking over the blog for the second Guest Week ever. Apparently, Kelly’s writing (or is to write) a rap about herself to be posted, which should be utterly fascinating (considering the only other time I’ve seen or heard her rap was when we performed “The Hamilton Mixtape” together at a poetry reading last spring). In any case, best of luck to you, Kelly!


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Musings: Free-Food-A-Palooza! (And two announcements)

  1. Please tell us about the FREE food when we can get it for free. Today, on pg 30 of the LI Press there is a Dunkin Donut coupon – free coffee of ANT size. No other purchase required.
    On non-food matters – you can get the purchase price back in rewards from Staples on mechanical pencils and gel pens.

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