This Week’s Unrandom Musings, Plus A Few Announcements

First things first, the announcements: I’ve put all my footage from the inaugural of Governor Dan Malloy up onto the YouTube channel, for your viewing pleasure. Also, the Tumblr page is up and running! Be sure to become a follower (and you can also become a follower of my resurrected Twitter handle here). Finally, in the Awesome Events Department – this Saturday’s the tenth birthday of the venerable Wikipedia, and to celebrate folks are having parties, conferences and meet-ups around the world, so celebrate! I’ll try and do some posting on Twitter during the day from my phone, but I don’t promise much – but I will endeavor to do some post of some sort within some facet of the “dpecs” Media Empire on it.

(Also, happy Captain Picard Day! Sorta.)

Now, this week it’s kind of an abbreviated schedule of Unrandom Musings, as this week’s going to be kinda busy for me; I’ll be posting tonight, Wednesday and Thursday (and the Tumblr essay on Friday). I’ll try to make up for it with reviews at some point this week or next on Megabus and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (now there’s a dichotomy), along with a Trivia Extra from Connecticut (along with maybe one other essay, though that may be put on Tumblr) but for now, here’s what we got coming up:

  • Music Monday: Later tonight, Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire.”
  • Wednesday Top 5: In honor of Bubba Blue, and because I have some shrimp in my freezer (decided to mix it up a bit, meat-wise – plus I got some Christmas money when I wasn’t expecting any, so I’m slightly less spendthrift), 5 best uses for shrimp.
  • Thursday Trivia: As promised from last week, 5 bits of trivia on butter.
  • The Macaulay Vlog: This week, me and the gang talk about winter break and their favorite Muppets. Also, it’s my week to tweet on the MacVlog’s Twitter, so go follow me there.

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