Music Monday: “I’m on Fire”

While I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Bruce Springsteen – not by a longshot – The Boss, I would attest, is a pretty cool guy. Much like Springsteen himself, this song is (and I’m going to say this in the hopes that I don’t sound like The Miley Cyrus Show) pretty cool. Both Springsteen’s voice and instrumentals on “I’m on Fire” are all echoey and pretty haunting, and just make for a really great song. (Frankly, in terms of the instrumentals I’m a bit more partial to the organ- and guitar-driven John Mayer cover version, but I’d rather have Springsteen sing it.) Further, lyrically it’s kind of spooky, what with the “freight train running through the middle of” Springsteen’s head.

(The video, on the other hand, sucks. I really don’t care that it won an MTV Music Video Award in ’85, it has almost nothing to do with the actual song, even allegorically. Anyway, song’s about a minute in.)


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