Stuff I Like Top 5: Things About 2010

As noted many times over, 2010 was The Year of Awesome for me, but the past year also had some really great stuff. Here are my 5 favorite things from 2010:

5. Food Trucks Go Big, then Brick and Mortar (2010-pres.)

Obviously food trucks have been around for a while (I’ve been eating from dirty-water dog and halal carts for a good while now, and I’ve been nuts for Nuts for Nuts for at least a couple of years), but this year they kind of exploded. There are now dozens of great food trucks serving food of all kinds and ethnicities across New York City alone (as seen by this New York infographic), and in August the Food Network recognized the country’s best food trucks with The Great Food Truck Race, around the same time the best in New York City were honored by the biggest Vendy Awards yet.

And now we get to a new, pretty unexpected trend (at least for America’s Favorite Sports and Sandwiches Blogger, Ted Berg) – food trucks getting storefronts. So far, Calexico, Dessert Truck, Cupcake Stop, and NYC Cravings have gone brick-and-mortar, with Souvlaki GR and Schnitzel and Things (YES!) getting their own stores soon. This, frankly, is great – it’s more really interesting food being available across New York – and hopefully it’s the start of a greater trend: chefs selling affordable but high-quality food to the masses, utilizing the resources the Internet provides, first in a sort of “sneak preview” as a truck, and continuing to use the truck while creating a storefront as well.

(Also, please, please get Wafels & Dinges a storefront. They’re in enough places to be a chain – might as well get some real estate by now.)

4. Dawn of the Crazies (mostly Sept.-Nov. 2010)

No, this has nothing to do with the movie The Crazies. This has to do with my third-favorite person of the year, Jimmy McMillan, and Delaware senatorial candidate Christine “I’m Not A Witch” O’Donnell. With all due respect, both of these guys were nuts – well meaning, I guess, but pretty nuts. But they provided some political humor – and I have a lot of respect for political theater and comic relief in politics – and there’s probably nothing better in that category than McMillan and O’Donnell. (And for the sake of consistency, I will once again point you, dear Reader, in the direction of Christy Mihos in 2006, with the greatest political ad ever.)

3. Movies About “Me” (June, Oct. 2010)

Okay, so they weren’t about me, literally. (Though hopefully The Daniel Pecoraro Story will be in the works around, say, 2050?) But two of the best films this year were about my generation, or at least my demographic – The Social Network and Toy Story 3. The Social Network was, to put it plainly, frenetic – backed by a literally buzzing soundtrack by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and with a snappy script by the always-snappily-writing Aaron Sorkin – and that could be seen as an extended metaphor of my instant-gratification, instant-information, highly-social world that folks around my (and, being honest regarding my reader base, our) age; of course, the film is also referential to the past decade in terms of the founding of Facebook, which facilitated these changes to a large degree. When they say that The Social Network was the film that defined the first decade of this new millennium, they were probably right.

Now, in the case of Toy Story 3, that film was a tear-jerker. Partially it was because, hey, this was the end of a trilogy that started when I was three freakin’ years old – Woody and Buzz are, in a sense, the Mickey and Donald of my generation. But partially because in the film, Andy’s a kid going off to college, and when I saw it, I was a kid going off to college. That juxtaposition made the film’s ending that much more emotional – and oh, was I emotional. I held it in most of the movie, but at the end, I was absolutely bawling. That’s how much it tug at my heartstrings.

2. “Project for Awesome” Recognized by YouTube (17-18 Dec. 2010)

I’m really late in the game in becoming a Nerdfighter, as I began to follow Hank and John Green probably in October. As a result, I didn’t really know how big the Project For Awesome was. This year, though, was huge for P4A – not only did they raise what even mathematicians are calling a lot of money, but YouTube ran a huge livestream and changed their freakin’ logo for the weekend! That’s pretty incredible. (And Street Vendor Project and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, you’re getting P4A videos out of me next year.)

1. DADT Repealed (22 Dec. 2010)



2 thoughts on “Stuff I Like Top 5: Things About 2010

  1. I’ve got to see Social Network (Sorkin’s West Wing is the Best show ever on TV, Sports Night was great and Studio 60 beats whatever they put on tv today) and Toy Story 3.

    • I agree with you on The West Wing (if it’s not best ever, it’s certainly Top 5) and Sports Night, but I don’t really agree with the Studio 60 comment. Bunch of great, smart shows (e.g. Modern Family, Rubicon) have come along in the past couple of years.

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