News: Tumbling in 2011

View of the Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge (Twin Br...

Why the Thaddeus Kosckusko Bridge came up in recommended photos, I don't know. (Image via Wikipedia.)

Just under a year ago, I began this blog with a post on how awesome Darrelle Revis is. (Revis is still awesome, for the record.) Now, Random Musings has been viewed almost 9,000 times, and there have been over 150 comments (though, to be fair, a few of these are my own pingbacks).

Now, I’m proud to announce that starting on January 10th, I will be beginning a new project, spinning off Random Musings and Trivia with a new Tumblog, simply called, – dpecs. It’s (slightly) less opinionated (except when it won’t be) and more observational – building and expanding upon what I see, hear, and otherwise experience in my own daily life to make observations about myself, New York, and the world. And don’t worry, – dpecs. will only cause one change in the schedule of posting on this blog, at the moment: in The Random Report‘s current one-month hiatus, I’ll be writing a special essay, exclusive to – dpecs., every Friday this month (though I may have a couple of posts on Fridays on this blog, as well).

So join me one week from today as the Random Musings Collective gains a new member on Tumblr, or take a pre-emptive strike on reading by following us. You can see the under-construction – dpecs. here.


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