Top 5: Favorite Posts

A simple stop motion animation using 21 photos...

For some reason, this image came up as a suggestion for post. (Image via Wikipedia.)

Random Musings started out as an originally-abandoned project on Blogger where I would post, among other things, stop-motion films, celebrity impersonations, and other posts. I gave it up, largely because I had a pretty great deal of work to do. In any case, earlier this year, I returned to the concept, and on a whim, started the blog (using my fairly-recently-coined nickname “dpecs” as part of the URL), and about 300 posts later, here we are. There have been quite a few posts that I enjoyed writing, and here they are:

5. Making Crap Up: “Tony Hayward and the Occult”

By far, my favorite fictional story series on the blog was and is “Making Crap Up,” largely because I was able to take something from the news or from culture and play around with it. I got the idea, unsurprisingly, from Ted Berg’s blog, as it introduced me to the Linkbait Generator. This one was the first installment and, far and away, is the best one because of the fact that I was able to write a story instead of a list.

4. Read: Why We Need Dreamers

I don’t usually write many opinion essays on this blog – I leave that for my actual classes – but if there’s something thoughtful that happens during the day, that strikes me to write, I’ll do it. (I may have another one coming up in the near future – stay tuned.) This one, I thought, was the best-written of them, along with the most pertinent and timely, what with NASA getting kind of screwed this year, but also with sci-fi stuff like Avatar and superhero films like Iron Man 2 finding massive success, hopefully giving young people the impetus to start thinking about making a large metal suit or visit a far-away planet. (As a sort of codicil to the post, here’s Dr. Michio Kaku, a part of the Year of Awesome, talking about his childhood on Conan.)

3. Story Time: The Shea Bleachers

Most of my posts involve or include memories of times gone by, and this one is just that – memories. This post – written in the Pomonok Library, in lieu of not writing what would eventually be my Top 5 Favorite Sports Films – tells a wonderful memory of mine, and hence is one of the greats on this blog.

2. Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: Diet Soda (by Max Bachhuber)

Guest Week killed two birds with one stone: first, it allowed one of my blogger-friends (Max) to write some really great posts, thereby adding a different face, a different feel to the writings of this blog; and second, it allowed me to go on vacation without worrying about writing and scheduling new posts, or just plain not writing things at all. This posts was not just the best of the guest posts this year but was, far and away, one of the best of the Stuff I Dislike series of posts (even better than mine on humidity, which Max himself described as a great work of “post-Seinfeldian” humor), as it played to Max’s style of writing – generally sort of curmudgeonly and involving either comics or food.

The #1 story, though, is in the category of this overarching post, as it’s:

1. Top 5: Sandwiches

My style of writing is either curmudgeonly or idealistic (what with me being a man of many paradoxes), and usually involving food, sports, or pop culture. This one sort of crystallizes both that and is an exemplar of this blog: filled with a sort of ordered, but often stream-of-consciousness style, that alternate parenthetical voice that keeps slipping into my informal writing (think Kevin Nealon’s Subliminal Message Man), and just plain silliness, this is the best of the type of posts I write on this blog – the posts that I identify with, that are emblematic of me, and that are just plain fun to write.

Plus: sandwiches.

I’m taking the next couple of days off from the blog to celebrate the New Year – I’ll be back on Sunday.


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