The Greatest Spam Comment Ever

Now, this is a small, humble, Mom-and-Pop style blogging establishment, and like the Pie Hole, we chit-chat here, in the form of the comments. (While you’re here, leave a comment and I’ll respond to it…or anonymously ask me a question, and I’ll answer it – best questions from the next month get to go into a post, or possibly an episode of The Random Report!) But in spite of the status of small, and humble, and Mom-and-Pop, I get a bunch of spam comments (668 have been caught so far, according to my Akismet Stats). Most of the time it’s either kind of dumb of a Groupon thing that I don’t want to post, but this one – this one takes the cake.

And since I didn’t want it in my spam inbox anymore, I decided to post it. I’ve blacked out the e-mail and the IP address (so you don’t spam the spammer), but nothing else has been changed, leaving it in all its nonsensical glory:

First of all, the dude’s username is “sex.” That screams “spammer” right there. What comes after is pretty damn ridiculous – “I give birth to be familiar with a few of the articles on your website trendy, and I really like your tastefulness of blogging”? Only part of the last clause makes sense. Giving birth will not make you familiar with my love of sandwiches and info about string. “I added it to my favorites web stage list” – okay, maybe that’s what they call it in Poland – “and disposition be checking promote soon” – that just sounds like a jumble of words that the dude got when putting the original Polish into Babelfish or Google Translate. “Please contain into public notice my position as approvingly” – ditto. “…Vindicate me know what you think,” actually makes some degree of sense, if you put a semi-colon in between those two clauses. “Thanks.” You’re welcome, spammer.


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