Stuff I Like: The Internet

That Guy with the Glasses

The Nostalgia Critic, one part of my beloved Internet. (Image via Wikipedia.)


It’s fairly obvious that I love the Internet, just as obvious as the fact that I’m writing via the Internet. I think it’s pretty amazing that in a period of about only 15 years (yes, I’m old enough to remember when the Internet wasn’t big), the Internet has massively increased in importance in music, television, news, commerce, and communication. It’s really mind-boggling that it could have such a great effect, but it has.

There are, of course, specific parts of the Internet that I love – specifically in entertainment, but also on the whole. Thanks to the Internet, blogs have sprung up in both number and (ahem) importance, especially sports blogs, and in particular for the purposes of my tastes, Mets blogs. The Metsblogosphere is probably the largest in size for any one team in North America; this is, in my opinion, unsurprising – for a group of largely intelligent and vociferous fans, there has to be somewhere for both the happiness and upset (especially the upset) to be output. And while there are fantastic Mets news blogs (Metsblog and Amazin’ Avenue being first and foremost among them) and blogs of analysis and (often pessimistic) commentary (Mack’s Mets, the Patrick Flood Blog, The Mets Police and Metsgrrl among them), there are two that stand out: Faith and Fear in Flushing and The Apple.

FAFIF is the self-described “blog for Mets fans who like to read,” and boy, do they deliver. From two separate viewpoints – those of Jason Fry and Greg Prince – they collaboratively write the spirit of the Mets fan – one of hope, one of despair, one of nostalgia, one of an eye to the future. Mets fans are a strange breed, but Fry and Prince convey the Metropolitan mind with aplomb.

The Apple, though, is totally different. Basically, the Mets are so annoying to us, we fans have to laugh at ourselves because crying would be sad. Enter The Apple, our form of the Onion. It’s really nothing more than a melange of Mets-related in-jokes and total absurdity, but it works specifically for its purpose – to get a laugh out of the darkly hilarious world of Mets baseball.

My love for the Internet does exceed the Mets, though – in terms of general entertainment, I get my fill. There’s Ray William Johnson and the Nostalgia Critic, whose often-lowbrow observations of viral videos and films, respectively, get almost guaranteed laughs; and on the other hand, there’s John and Hank Green, who have used the Internet for good through support of charities and just being really cool people. Thanks to the Internet, I’ve become a bit of a late-night junkie – getting to watch Craig Ferguson, Conan O’Brien (whose bacon was saved by the people of the Internet, specifically Twitter and Facebook), and on occasion Jimmy Fallon and, on Friday mornings, Costco lover Jimmy Kimmel. I wouldn’t have become a fan and follower of 30 Rock and The Office, nor be able to finish the ill-fated New Amsterdam or Rubicon, without Hulu or iTunes. I can’t tell you how many albums I’ve listened to on YouTube, or how many musicians I’ve found out about on Pandora.

In short, the Internet’s a really great, albeit not physical, place, and frankly, doesn’t deserve the maligns it often endures. And no, Trekkie Monster, it’s not really just for porn.


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