Stuff I Dislike: Wind Chill

Self portrait Wind Chilled

I'm just posting the funny pictures that come up from now on. (From Flickr user Seth Anderson, a.k.a. swanksalot.)


Now, to be fair, it’s not the fact that there exists a measurement to find the wind chill factor (which, for the record, can be found here). It’s just how wind makes things colder. A pleasant, 40-degree day (that’s Fahrenheit, for all you European and Canadian readers, if any) can turn into feeling as if it were sub-freezing within a few minutes. Of course, that’s compounded by the fact that in places such as Manhattan, the buildings cause the wind do fluctuate pretty wildly from street to street.

Now, I’m pretty glad about my latitude, considering I could be living in Minneapolis (or Europe) right now, but in New York, it can still feel pretty cold. And it really sucks when you’re walking down the street, thinking, “well, this isn’t too bad today,” and then you turn to one of the streets on the way to wherever you’re going, and you’re like, “Holy crap! I’m in a wind tunnel!”

And, getting back to the temperature/wind-chill thing, what the hell is RealFeel? I hear it cited all the time, and the only things I can find on it are write-ups from AccuWeather and the local TV stations that use it. I realize that it’s probably a trade secret, but could you allow us to glean a bit more information about it? I mean, judging by their standard, the RealFeel could just as well be a qualitative measure, like “Cold,” or, in the case of a cloudy day at sea level where the temperature is 20 degrees and the wind is blowing at 30 mph, “Really Freakin’ Cold.” Also, how are they supposed to know how it feels at the precise point of where I’m standing? It’s not like they have sensors for wind and weather everywhere. That’s like using Google Maps to find out what I have in my pockets. Which, frankly, is a little scary.


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