Listen: My Former Life in Radio

When I was 13, my dad and I went to Circuit City, where I saw a sign for a contest Radio Disney was going to have at Green Acres Mall. Basically, the object was to be the best at reading a script regarding the Mets – having enthusiasm and whatnot. Needless to say, I won, and along with winning what I believe was a $50 Green Acres Mall gift certificate, I became that year’s (and I think the only) Mets Kids Correspondent.

Basically, my main task was to call in a 30-second report on the Mets every week, which they would produce and release on Friday at around 5:00 PM. At the end of the season, further, I got the opportunity to do the starting lineups for the game – Mets-Braves – along with getting a tour of the press level and setting foot on the field of play (Sandy Alomar, Sr. tossed me a really, really clean baseball).

After the season, I got three things from my time as Kids Correspondent: first, that year’s media guide, from Barbara McHugh, the then-promotions(?) director of the Mets; a DVD of my starting lineups announcement for the game; and a CD, from WQEW station director Tom Potter, of airchecks from my tenure.

I’m finally releasing these airchecks to the public – well, I have already, as of about two weeks ago, on SoundCloud. (Hopefully, the SoundCloud station will also be home to me reading essays, stories, possibly singing, or just plain being silly.) Here’s just one of the 7 you can hear of me talking Mets baseball, along with me talking pre-puberty.


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