This Week’s (and Next Week’s) Unrandom Musings

(Update: I just found out that my blogger friend Max Bachhuber, along with his friend Max Huffman, are starting to release their comic, Hobo Viking, which you can check out here.)

First things first: FINALS ARE OVER! (Thank goodness.) As a result, I’ve got a bunch of time freed up the next couple of weeks – so here’s are this week’s scheduled posts:

  • Music Monday Top 5: My five favorite “off the beaten path” Christmas songs.
  • The Random Report: Continuing the theme, a bit of holiday cheer in this week’s mini-sode.
  • Tuesday Stuff I Dislike: Why I dislike wind chill.
  • Thursday Trivia (on Wednesday!): 5 need-to-know stuff about snow. (Reason I’m doing trivia on Wednesday is the Macaulay Vlog‘s first-ever live show, on Thursday, starting at 4:00, on BlogTV (specific channel info I’ll tell you ASAP). Tune in and see us be funny!)
  • Friday’s Random Report episode will hopefully talk about tonight’s lunar eclipse, provided that I can see it – otherwise, it’s TBA.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: Instead of focusing on one thing in this installment, I’m going to talk about why I love the Internet on the whole, in particular some of my favorite blogs and websites.

Now, next week the general order of things will be a little bit different. Read on after the jump.I’m devoting the last week of the year to a Year-in-Review. I used to do end-of-year awards on my old blog, Notepad, and I’ll continue the tradition here, with Top 5 posts the whole week.

  • I’ll preface the week to come on Monday with a reflection on my year personally – which I’m calling the Year of Awesome.
  • Music Monday: Top 5 favorite songs and albums from this year.
  • Tuesday Stuff I Dislike: Top 5 things I disliked from 2010.
  • Wednesday: Top 5 most important people of 2010, in my opinion. (Think of it as my Persons of the Year awards.)
  • Thursday Moment of Vanity: If Ted Berg can do a Year in Tweets, I can do a Top 5 of my favorite posts on this blog.
  • No Friday or Saturday posts in celebration of the New Year. (TMV will have to keep you busy.)
  • Sunday Stuff I Like: Top 5 things I liked from 2010.

Should be a fun couple of weeks to round out the year.


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