Top 5: Co-Hosts Not Named Danielle Gold

(Ed. Note: Sorry about posting this a day late – I started writing it yesterday afternoon, stopped to go to class and the opera, and by the time I came back, it was 12:30. Thursday Trivia will be seen later tonight.)

My great friend Danielle Gold, as you’ve seen here, here, and here, has been as fantastic a co-host for The Random Report as any. (Largely because before and since, there haven’t been any.) But, there have been quite a few co-hosts not named Danielle Gold. Here they are:

5. Guillermo – Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel is kind of cool. He likes Costco, for one thing. And he took on Jay Leno fists-flying. But most of all, he’s a huge nepotist.

And while Guillermo isn’t family, he is the valet for the show, but in the process has become the mostly unintentionally funny sidekick on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He’s generally just a wonderful little teddy bear (albeit a little creepy at times).

4. Ryan Seacrest – Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve (ABC)

Now, I know for a fact that if Dick Clark didn’t suffer a stroke, he wouldn’t need a co-host at all. But unfortunately he did suffer a stroke, and his voice never really has been the same (though he’s gotten a lot better over the last few years). So they brought in Ryan Seacrest (who can be a bit annoying at times, but is alright) to help things out, and I guess that’s cool. Someone’s got to carry on the Rockin’ Eve event in the future, anyhow.

3. Geoff Peterson – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

Yes, I realize that Geoff Peterson, Craig Ferguson’s co-host, is a robot skeleton. But it should be noted that he (good God, I’m already calling it he) is the first, last and only robot skeleton sidekick in television (not including the Dalek who appeared on Craig’s show the last couple of nights). Geoff and Craig – well, whoever pushes the button for the desired phrase for Geoff, and Craig – have a strange chemistry. And hey, all co-hosts are robotic, am I right? (*rimshot*)

2. Andy Richter – Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1993-2000)/The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien/Conan (NBC/TBS)

Let’s be honest, Andy Richter’s a goof. But he works well with Conan, who’s an even bigger goof. Together, they’re a palpable energy source of goofiness.

But the number one pick isn’t goofy at all, as it’s…

T1. Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons – NBC 4 News at 11

Well, I just threw y’all a curveball, didn’t I? But Chuck and Sue have been together (well, not together together, just news together) since 1980! That’s 30 years! They’ve covered everything from Desert Storm to 9/11 to Groundhog Day, for goodness’ sake. They’ve even been in the lyrics of a song, “Traffic and Weather” by Fountains of Wayne. And when an indie rock band writes a song about you, you know you’ve hit it big.


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