Apple: Is That All There Is?

Steve Jobs, when unveiling the iPhone, showed it playing Beatles tunes, thereby reconfirming the fact that you can play the Beatles on an iPod without the songs being in the iTunes store.

So, today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced in a big ol’ press conference the way only Apple can do it that the Beatles are finally on iTunes. But honestly, I can say in the words of Matt Foley,Well, lah-dee-freakin’-dah!

And don’t get me wrong, I love songs like “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Here Comes the Sun,” and so forth, but this really could have been announced with a press release. I mean, jeez, in the span of 48 hours, Facebook and AOL both unveiled their new e-mail clients, and they both had little more than press releases. Google finally released their Voice app for the iPhone, not to mention a new restaurant recommendation app, Hotpot.

And really, Apple?! A whole press conference for mp3’s of the Beatles, something that has been done by ripping CD’s for years? That’s absolutely ridiculous. Compounded with the fact that this was the ad on the Apple homepage:

That could have been anything! A real exciting announcement would be, say, streaming of music from iTunes using Lala, which Apple bought and has sat on for what seems like a thousand years ago, or storage of music in the cloud (though I’m, like, 98% sure that whenever Apple does that, it’ll involve a MobileMe account). I would have taken the 90-second song previews that Apple’s planning on doing anyway.

But the fact is, the Beatles have been on CD for years. They’ve been on the Internet, on Pandora. And yet, for some reason, the news that Yoko’s going to get some cash out of iTunes is huge.


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