This Week’s Unrandom Musings

After a ridiculously long absence, I’m back for more great posts. (By the way, quick announcement, I’ve also embarked on a new video project for college, The Macaulay Vlog. You can see my first post here and the whole channel here. Oh, and the Twitter feed.) (How long was I gone anyway? Like, 3 weeks? Jeez.) Here are this week’s regular features, plus a preview of a Random Musing this week (I hope to write at least one, hopefully two or three):

  • Music Monday: The reports of Music Monday being moved to Friday have been greatly exaggerated. This week, as sort-of originally scheduled, the strangeness of Vampire Weekend’s “Horchata.”
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: A brief diatribe on the political sketches on Saturday Night Live.
  • Wednesday Top 5: Since Danielle Gold co-hosted the latest episode of  The Random Report, the Top 5 Co-Hosts Not Named Danielle Gold.
  • Thursday Trivia: In honor of the Quidditch World Cup this weekend (of which there are a few photos on the Random Musings photostream, to your left), 5 facts about Quidditch!
  • Friday’s full episode of The Random Report: In celebration of Caitlin Burke’s ridiculous solve on Wheel of Fortune, a few awesome or fun videos on game shows.
  • Random Musing!: Speaking of game shows, I taped an episode of Millionaire last week (after previously waiting to be called the Thursday prior, as I wrote about, among other things, on the MacBlog) – so I’ll be writing an entirely spoiler-free chronicling of that day.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: In defense of Ray William Johnson.

This week’s link is indirectly from my dear friend Alexandra Irkaeva. I had seen Janelle Monae somewhere in the past (I think the ESPYs, but I’m not entirely sure). This song shows how awesome her and her crazy hair is. (Reason this is indirect is that Xandra sent me “Many Moons”, but that video’s kind of long.)

Obviously, this week’s mini-sode (episode 9.5) will air sometime this week, though it’s already in the can. Also this week, hopefully: a review of the first two weeks of Conan.

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