Music Monday: Vampire Weekend’s “Horchata”

When I first heard Vampire Weekend last November (on the advice of current CIA (Culinary Institute of America) member Sam Vieira), I thought that they (and their self-titled debut album) had a really great sound – aptly described as “Upper West Side Soweto” – but that their lyrics don’t make sense (the line “spilled kefir on your keffiyah” on the track “Campus” still makes me laugh). A couple of months later, I listened to their most recent album, Contra, and it was about the same. But, still in all, I was endeared by the general type of music Vampire Weekend brings – lots of strings, lots of percussion – showed pretty well in the first track on the album, “Horchata.”


One thought on “Music Monday: Vampire Weekend’s “Horchata”

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