Top 5: Ice Cream Flavors

(Ed. Note: I’m just finishing last week’s scheduled posts before I get to some new ones. Got to finish what I started, ya know?)

Goodness, I love ice cream. I don’t have it often – a few times a month, generally – but when I eat it, it’s damn good. Here are my Top 5 favorite flavors, starting with…5. Strawberry

If there was any flavor I could best describe as, “meh,” it’s strawberry. I mean, I like strawberries, I like ice cream, but together? Not the greatest flavor in the world.

4. Vanilla

Unlike strawberry, vanilla isn’t just “meh.” It’s its own word – vanilla. Plain vanilla vanilla. Surprisingly, it’s the favorite flavor for Americans, by a landslide, but that doesn’t keep me from not liking it.

3. Chocolate

Now, we get to the good stuff. Chocolate on its own, let’s face it, isn’t great, but it’s damn good. And it goes so well with other things – even vanilla and strawberry. It’s a good base, a good foundation for other ice cream to come – hence black and white shakes.

(A note on black and white shakes, by the way – they’re really good. Shake Shack makes a good, but kind of strange, black and white – it’s chocolate and vanilla, of course, but it always seems to have notes of peanut butter. They have peanut butter shakes, I don’t know if they include that into the black and white, thereby making a black, white and brown. But I’m beginning to digress, so…)

2. Mint Chocolate

This one hasn’t been in my life for very long, but it’s still pretty good. Mint and chocolate, of course, are great together – hence chocolate-dipped Altoids (which are, on the one hand, really funky, but on the other hand, really great) – and the green color’s kind of cool. Trader Joe’s has ice cream sandwiches with mint chocolate chip ice cream as the filling, which is cool. My only qualm with it is that it can be easily confused with pistachio ice cream, which I’m simply not a fan of.

But the number 1 flavor is almost flawless, as it’s…

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Oh, goodness, do I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It’s chocolate chips, it’s cookie dough, it’s what I believe to be vanilla ice cream, it’s delicious! I mean, the only way there’s a fault with it is if it defrosts and refreezes, but that’s a fault with every type of ice cream. Otherwise, it’s pristine. Cookies and cream ice cream is also very good, too – but very much the same with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

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