This Week’s Unrandom Musings

The because I was simply really busy with schoolwork and whatnot (plus, I needed to catch up on sleep). So here are this week’s somewhat abbreviated Random Musings:

  • Tuesday Stuff I Dislike: In about an hour, why I can’t stand Tuesdays in general. (Sort of a meta-Stuff I Dislike.)
  • Wednesday Top 5: My top 5 favorite flavors of ice cream.
  • Thursday Trivia: In honor of the video below (which is awesome, I must say), five bits of trivia on Stephen Fry.
  • Required Listening Friday: Since my Mondays are generally being taken up with class, work that I’ve procrastinated on, and Jeopardy!, I’m leaving Monday to my preview post and moving Music Monday to Friday, along with giving it its original moniker. This week, how Vampire Weekend has grown on me with the help of “Horchata” and “Mansard Roof”.
  • The Random Report: TBA.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Dislike: Why I love bubble wrap.

Another announcement: The Tales of Poncho Villa will be back next Monday, and every other Monday after that.

Also, here’s the latest episode (Ep. #8) of The Random Report.


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