Stuff I Dislike: Tuesday

I don't like mondays

Now, her face says "I hate Mondays," but could it in fact be "I hate Tuesdays"? Image by Flickr user Celeste.


For some reason, within recent memory, I’ve never been able to stand Tuesday. I think it’s largely because I’ve had a short day on Mondays during all four years of high school and now in my first semester of college, and the transition to Tuesday really sucks. But it seems as though things go wrong more often on Tuesday – the alarm is set to PM and not AM, I forget my lunch, I run out of orange juice for breakfast, that sort of thing.

It always sucks, coming back to the week. Wednesday is generally alright, Thursday for the past few years has been great (especially this year), and Friday…well, Friday’s Friday.

But, for all the “I hate Mondays” vibes many people give off – some more pervasive than others – Monday’s not the worse thing in the world. You get to tell your friends and colleagues about the fun stuff over the weekend (that is, if you did fun stuff over the weekend – if you didn’t it sucks even more) and it’s just one day. Now, on Tuesday, the gravity of things – that if you’ve got 3 more days of this crap – really starts to take hold. I don’t see why more people don’t hate Tuesdays with a passion – I mean, I’d pitch in for the “I Hate Tuesdays” coffee mugs on Zazzle or something. Honest. Say the word and I’m there.


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