Stuff I Dislike: Times Square

tkts booth, Times Square

One of the few un-annoying parts of Times Square. Image by Flickr user leon~.

There are two parts of Manhattan I rarely if ever go to. The first is Lower Manhattan, largely because I generally have no reason to be there. The second is Times Square, which I avoid like the plague.

It’s kind of sad, in my opinion, that every tourist that comes here has to go to Times Square – a place once riddled with prostitutes and drugs the tourists would have been scared away. There are so many places that are more worth their time than what is nothing more than a giant outdoor mall. But they’re there, and they’re there in numbers. As a result, it’s always too darn crowded and hectic in Times Square as a result, which is why I avoid it. It almost induces claustrophobia, the amount of people there on a regular basis.

Now, there are some things in Times Square I enjoy, like the Hershey’s store and the TKTS booth (at least the shape of it, that’s kind of cool), but the whole place never ceases to give me a headache. It eventually alleviates after I walk about ten blocks past the area, but it still annoys the heck out of me.


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