Making Crap Up: “10 Common Misconceptions About Carson Daly”

(Ed. Note: This is the fifth post in a continuing series, powered by the Linkbait Generator, I put a real person, thing, or group of persons or things into the Generator, see what ridiculous title comes out, and write a story with as few shreds of truth about it. As always, a disclaimer that very, very little (if any) of this story is true.)

Oh, Carson Daly. He was culturally relevant for a few years as host of TRL, then took a late-late-late night gig on NBC and went into obscurity. Even when Conan and Jay were in total turmoil, while Jimmy Fallon took a vow of neutrality, Carson was cast aside and totally unheard of. As a result, people remember a few things about Carson Daly that just plain aren’t true. Like:

  • Carson Daly is actually Geoff Peterson of The Late Late Show with a special skin-suit.
  • The people outside the TRL studios were real; in reality, they were incredibly lifelike blow-up dolls.
  • Last Call with Carson Daly, much like Belgium, doesn’t exist. (This one’s a real misconception; Last Call is still on the air.)
  • Total Request Live was actually live. (Also true: it was almost always taped.)
  • While hosting NBC’s coverage of New Year’s Eve, Carson’s resolution each year was “to get an earlier time slot.”
  • Carson was named after Johnny Carson, but unfortunately has never risen to that level of success.
  • However, unlike Carnac the Great, Carson Daly knew exactly what was in the envelopes.
  • Carson, a big Star Trek fan, owns three tribbles.
  • Carson is still best friends with the members of O-Town.
  • Carson’s offices at NBC consist of a broom closet and an unplugged fax machine.

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