This Week’s Unrandom Musings

We’re back for what I hope to be a full week of posts. Here’s this week’s regular features:

  • Thursday Trivia (on Monday!): It’s a double-dosage of Thursday Trivia this week; to start, I get around to posting five nuggets of knowledge on Monopoly.
  • Required Listenings Top 5: In honor of the weather, later tonight my top 5 favorite songs about rain.
  • No Stuff I Dislike this week.
  • Making Crap Up: In lieu of the Top 5 merger this week, “10 Common Misconceptions About Carson Daly.”
  • Thursday Trivia (actually on Thursday!): 5 bits of trivia related, in some way, to string. (Yes, string.)
  • The Random Report: TBD.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: Reasons I love mail.

But tune in daily, ’cause you never know what Random Musings will come up!


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