Music Monday Top 5: Rain Songs

Today’s weather, in the northeast anyway, kinda sucked. (The rest of the week, save for Wednesday, doesn’t look much better.) So it seemed like a cool idea to go through my favorite songs about rain. We start with number 5 and…

… 5. “Rain”, MIKA

It’s not the greatest song ever – and not even on MIKA’s sophomore album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much – but it’s a fun song in which the chorus is about rain and he uses his ridiculously high falsetto. (And it’s way better than the other song I was considering for the list, Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic,” which has the line, “It’s like rain on your wedding day” – I hate Alanis Morisette.)

4. “I Wish That It Would Rain”, The Temptations

The Temptations are one of my favorite groups (though, I have to say, The Supremes take number one on the “favorite Motown acts” list for me), and that old-school R&B sound I love shines through in this song, about (what a surprise) lost love and wanting to cry.

3. “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, originally by Ann Peebles (cover by Seal)

As the antithesis to The Temps, this great cover by Seal from his Soul cover album says how rain brings “back sweet memories”, and why he can’t stand it. The cover specifically has got this guitar bit at the open, along with the guitar leading the way in the song, which the original Peebles version (and the Tina Turner cover) doesn’t have.

2. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

This song I originally heard in the form of the Rod Stewart cover – which, mind you, is good, but doesn’t have John Fogerty’s signature raspy voice (ironic, considering Stewart had a pretty raspy voice himself before his fight with thyroid cancer) – and it’s actually kind of happy, especially compared to the sadder songs on this list.

However, we have bookends for this list, as number 1 is…

1. “I Wish That It Would Rain”, Mayer Hawthorne

First things first: it’s not the same as the Temptations’ song. It’s got the same message as the original song, but different lyrics and a totally different melody. I really love this song because of the opening violin bit, and the song is made so much better by this video, which plays the record in the rain, adding a kind of eerie effect.


2 thoughts on “Music Monday Top 5: Rain Songs

  1. I love the rain, except for rain that is coming down sideways or in bucketfuls.

    I would add to your list “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” and “Here Comes the Rain Again”

    • Those are two good additions to the list, yes.

      And, (and I’ve said this before) while there’s a part of me that loves the sight and the smell of the rain, the other part in me, when I have to leave the house, says, “oh, crap.”

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