Stuff I Dislike: Bananas

It's bananas how many types of bananas there are, and when they become ripe. Image via Wikipedia.

Look, for the most part, I like bananas. They’re sweet – so sweet you can see the sugar crystals – yet they’ve got a lot of potassium and are thus considered nutritious. It’s kind of cool how that works. Plus, you can put it in smoothies and in ice cream. That’s always good.

But bananas have this weird ripening cycle, which I still haven’t been able to fully comprehend. Sometimes, it’s ripe when the peel still has touches of green; sometimes, it’s still ripening when it has those brown spots on them.

So then you take one, thinking it’s nice and ripe, but noooo! Then you wait a day and the whole thing turns to brown, sticky mush. (I call that variety of banana “baby food.”) And then you waste all your money. I guess that kind of thing’s good for banana bread, but not for regular eating.

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