Music Monday: “Magic View”

As mentioned back in February (which seems like a hundred thousand years ago), Diane Birch is a fantastic young musician with a great debut album. Her debut CD, Bible Belt, peaked at number 87 on the Billboard 200, and her song “Valentino” was on the soundtrack of Valentine’s Day. Plus, apparently, she was at Fashion Week.

But rather than choosing Birch’s single, “Nothing But a Miracle,” or “Valentino” or “Rewind,” which Birch filmed music videos for, I chose the last cut on the album, “Magic View.” It’s centered around a wonderful piano melody, which eventually grows in the bridge to a larger group of instruments, creating almost a windswept feel. The lyrics, in addition – “I would be a fool to miss this magic view, staring at the ceiling next to you” – are a beautiful, lovely story.

So let’s go inside the “Magic View” of Diane Birch…


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: “Magic View”

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