Madison Square Garden, home to…Pretzel Crackers?

Ritz Munchables Pretzel Crisps Buttery Flavor

Maybe they license that patent out to other companies. Image by Flickr user theimpulsivebuy.

So, I was walking back from NYU and Rosh Hashanah services (which should be noted postponed the Top 5 for this week, which will be seen next week) and noticed a sign on a phone booth:

“There’s a New Star in the Garden!”

The sign was (obviously) not referring to a Knickerbocker or Ranger, but to pretzel crisps. Yup, MSG is now has an official pretzel cracker, folks, and don’t you forget it!

I couldn’t find a picture of it online, largely due to this fiasco, and I was traveling without both my camera and my phone (something I’m changing, largely due to the Random Musings Tumblr that I actually want to get in motion), but I did find the press release of the sponsorship. Let’s go through it, shall we?

“The Snack Factory Enters Agreement to Make Their Patented Cracker the Official Pretzel Snack at MSG!”

This part was a bit surprising to me – that crap’s patented? I’m sure I’ve seen crackers in the shape of pretzels before, but no matter.

“Madison Square Garden, known for its great family events, major sports teams including the New York Rangers and Knicks…”

Like this is a great family event. (Wonder if the Knicks realize that the first thing that comes up when you type “Knicks” on YouTube is “Knicks nuggets brawl”?)

“‘We’re excited to offer our award winning product to visitors at Madison Square Garden,’ said Warren Wilson, President of The Snack Factory. “Pairing our Pretzel Crisps with MSG is winning combination.'”

Yeahhh, I don’t think that MSG’s going to get much out of it, what with the three bags of this stuff they’re going to sell. Seriously, does anyone tell their friends, “I’m going to the Knick game/Ranger game/Billy Joel concert tonight – can’t wait to smell those pretzel crisps!”? ‘Cause that’s ridiculous.

“Pretzel Crisps will be available throughout the arena at concession locations. The company anticipates selling a high volume of its thin crisps to visitors during the upcoming event season.”

Now, this is either a small company starting to make it big and getting ahead of themselves (sort of like MGMT), or it’s that there are a few soccer-mom conventions in the Expo Center. Again, I just don’t see how these things sell, when you have actual food available at the Garden.


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