Watch This: Inside a New Balance Factory

New Balance Factory, Flimby, Cumbria, England,...

A factory worker in one of the English New Balance factories. New Balance strongly supports American (and English) workers by keeping their factories here and there. Image by Flickr user Dr John2005.

 An extra bit from the Thursday Trivia (on Friday!) yesterday:

One of the great things about New Balance – and why I wear them – is because it’s the only athletic shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the US. I’d rather pay a bit extra to ensure that Americans are still at work in blue-collar jobs than concede to cheap labor in China. (And Nikes have never fit my feet anyway.)

So I was looking around the New Balance website, and they have a wonderful section about their American factories, including a great quick video showing the birth of a New Balance sneaker. Embedding isn’t working, so I’ll just let you visit the page to tour a factory here.


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