Required Listenings Top 5: “Auto-Tune the News”

Vice President Joe Biden L'68

Joe Biden sounds better Auto-Tuned. Image via Wikipedia.

I know, I know, I’m a day late on this one. But I have an excuse: I was at Coney Island until late in the evening, and then was watching the Mets/Astros game. (Plus, the desktop I usually write on was having so many problems, Pops resorted to hitting it – it eventually worked, but I decided to call it a night for the Internet.) Thursday Trivia will be seen later tonight.

I greatly enjoy current events – especially laughing at it. I know people are often more serious about things, but I’d much rather make a few jokes about some below-the-fold articles than get into a long debate on a certain topic (which is why I keep this blog strictly apolitical). “Auto-Tune the News” is a perfect conveyor of this: with great beats and even better clips of the “accidental singers” (such as Katie Couric and Vice President Joe Biden), the Gregory Brothers have found a perfect combination of news and humor. (Because, sometimes, the news is kinda funny!) And with even further success on iTunes with their “Double Rainbow” and “Bed Intruder” songs, what a great time to count down my favorite episodes of “ATTN”. We’ll start with #5…

5. ATTN #9: “Nobel. Health care. United Nations.”

Hugo Chavez doing air-guitar, Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and people don’t understand why (so a Viking tries to explain it), and Alan Grayson of Florida and Keith Olbermann riff about health care (with Olbermann’s being quite “Kanye-esque”).

4. ATTN #8: “Dragons. Geese. Michael Vick.” (Feat. T-Pain)

This one was done at the first zenith of the Gregory Brothers’ success, with interviews on CNN and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, and apparently T-Pain took notice. It’s a great addition to a fun video, featuring Chuck Grassley discussing a “mighty debt dragon” and the golden goose of small business (where at the same time they are discussing the gassing of geese at JFK). And the “very thin ice” reprise (originally seen here) is a fantastic ending.

3. ATTN #10: “Turtles.”

This one is great because it’s kind of the meta-ATTN, because it references different videos (surprisingly not including the “very thin ice”), including a few from our next videos. Plus the “build a turtle fence” chorus may be the best of the bunch so far. Plus the (faked) bits from Sen. Grassley are hilarious.

2. ATTN #5: “Lettuce regulation. American blessings.”

The one that put Indiana congressman Steve Buyer on the map with his discussion of the problem of cigarettes being the smoke and not the nicotine, it’s probably the most absurd (featuring “Joe Biden from space” and a dancing Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox).

But the number 1 video probably takes the case of absurd, as it’s…

1. ATTN #6: “Michael Jackson. Drugs. Palin.”

Simply put: John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann, and Nancy Pelosi have one thing in common: they all sound great auto-tuned.

For more fun from the Gregory Brothers, including Auto-Tuning of ads, historical speeches, and even “Charlie Bit Me”, along with intentionally sung music, visit their YouTube page here.


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