This Week (And Last) on “Rubicon”

Each week, I’ll be writing up a post on each new episode of Rubicon (airing Sundays at 9 on AMC). Possible spoilers may emerge for those who haven’t watched the episodes yet.

Last week on Rubicon, we found codes and a gun in a motorbike, met David Hadas’ son, Evan, and saw Wheeler and Katherine try to understand Tom’s death.

This week, we didn’t find much more about Yuri Popovich or his two friends (one of which is still a mystery), but we still found out information about the names in the code Hadas left for Will. Two are dead, two are elderly, one’s a espionage-based literary hack, and one’s Daniel Bloom, who Miles finds out is (no surprise) a mysterious figure who has been in and out of Houston six times and currently may be in New York (which fairly obviously piques Will’s interest).

Also in this episode, we see Will being very uncomfortable around Spangler (who tells Will to change his bag – later giving him the same suitcase he has as a gift; makes him the centerpiece of his plea to the intelligence community; and sidesteps questions on the subject of his son), the team being very uncomfortable around each other, and Kale simply scaring the crap out of me. Miles, Grant, and Tanya decided – after 12 Angry Men-like deliberation – to kill off an Indonesian dude in al-Qaeda named Kateb, which was unrelated to what they had been doing, re: Popovich. In the meantime, Katherine finds out Wheeler did know about the townhouse, but did not confront him.
What interested me – other than Spangler’s mysteriousness and idiosyncrasies – was that Travers wasn’t followed in this episode, as far as we know. Perhaps this is a hole in the conspirators’ defenses.

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