About Darrelle Revis

A long, long time ago – this January, to be exact – I had the urge to restart the originally dormant Blogger blog, Daniel Pecoraro’s Random Musings and Trivia. It then became the current WordPress incarnation which you are reading today the early morning of January 24th, 2010, with a story about Darrelle Revis and how much awesomer he was, on the football field and otherwise, compared to Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson. And now he’s in a contract dispute with the Jets, ’cause he wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in football and neither he nor the Jets will budge.

Look, I understand where the Jets are coming from – they have to be under cap, and who knows what that’s going to look like after 2011 (if there’s NFL football in 2011), so they don’t want to give an extension to a guy who’s already under contract.

But I side with Revis on this one, for a few reasons.

First, his goal is to be the highest-paid cornerback in football. That’s what, $15 million? Seems fairly reasonable, considering that’s what they’d be paying him in 2012 anyway, and that statistically he is the best cornerback in football, and should be paid that way. Second, you built this team around Revis – without Revis Island, you won’t be able to blitz all the time, which is how Rex Ryan (who continues to praise Revis, even through this holdout) operates.

Finally, Woody Johnson gave both Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan extensions to their contract. To not give Revis – just as important a part of the Jets organization, if not more so – an extension as well is pretty mean.

In any case, Johnson’s statement to Jeremy Schaap on SportsCenter (I believe by way of E:60, but I’m not sure) that he doesn’t feel in his gut that Revis will play for the Jets this season is deplorable. It’s like spring without flowers. It’s like autumn without falling leaves. It takes the fun out of Jets football, and I just won’t stand for this.


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