This Week’s Unrandom Musings

It’s another week of Unrandom Musings, and here they are:

  • Music Monday: Later tonight, I discuss one of my favorite songs of summer, The Killers’ “Read My Mind”.
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff  I Dislike: This week, I discuss why I can’t stand the Yankees radio broadcast team.
  • Wednesday Top 5: I cover my top 5 favorite bagels.
  • Thursday Trivia: Since Bill Gates is fascinated by them, five bits of trivia on toilets.
  • Friday Storytime: This week, the as-of-right-now untitled third story of “The Tales of Poncho Villa”.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: Why I love the summer comedy, The Good Guys.
  • Rubicon Analysis: I’ve been getting into a new show on AMC called Rubicon (which airs Sundays at 9), and since there’s no really good episode analysis blog or message board around, I’m going to write up a weekly post on the episode. This week, there will be two – one from this week’s episode (which I taped last night and will be watching today), to be posted later tomorrow; and one on next Sunday’s episode, which I’ll be posting that day.

Also, I was in Philadelphia this weekend (thank you, post scheduling on WordPress to allow me to blog when I was nowhere near a computer), so expect a few posts on my journey and a comparison of the Shake Shack against Philadelphia’s own upscale burger joint, 500°.

This week’s video comes to us from Ted Berg of TedQuarters, by way of BoingBoing. I’ve seen a lot of great and not-so-great national anthem performances (including seeing John Amarante – who is probably the best at singing the anthem – singing the anthem in a polo shirt and jeans, instead of his usual suit, at the Cyclones’ opening day this year) over the past 18 years, including several instrumental performances – heck, this year alone, I’ve heard it on trumpet, saxophone, and medieval-style bugle on Medieval Times Night, and in the past few years, I’ve heard it on electric guitar and harmonica – but I’ve never seen this. (My favorite anthem performance, by the way, was up in Burlington, VT – the anthem singer’s microphone went out, so everyone in the crowd – all two-thousand of us – started singing along with him. I get chills just thinking about it.)


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