Music Monday: The Killers “Read My Mind”

There’s a reason why “Read My Mind”, the song from the Killers’ second album Sam’s Town (which ranks somewhere in my top 5 favorite albums), is my song of summer. Thank the Brooklyn Cyclones for it.

A great thing about Cyclones games is that they play a lot of fun music, including The Killers. I first heard “Somebody Told Me” (a song I still don’t understand), “Mr. Brightside,” and “All These Things That I’ve Done.” Then they played a song with a large sound – so large, I originally thought it was U2 (they play a lot of U2 there – in fact, their 2007 highlight video was set to “Walk On”) – whose only lyrics I could remember was “Can you read my mind?” Yet I didn’t know who sang it. (This is a lot like my four year long journey to find who sang the song “These Are the Days”, which I heard in the seventh grade on then CD 101.9, a smooth jazz station (it’s now a rock station) and led to my love of Jamie Cullum.)

So I put the lyrics into YouTube, and lo and behold, I got this…


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