Thursday Trivia: Pez

Isn't Hello Kitty so cute?!

Today, Pez is a wonderful candy known the world over for both its dispensers and the candy itself. But it originally was a stop-smoking tool. The original dispensers, made in Austria in 1927, were shaped like cigarette lighters and dispensed a mint to curb smoking.

Four more bits of trivia on Pez after the jump!

  • Pez is a shortening of Pfefferminz, “peppermint” – which wasn’t reestablished as a flavor until the mid-’90s! Today, the candies come in flavors such as lemon and orange.
  • Pez dispensers took their current form in 1955 in the US, three years after they came stateside.
  • Since then, over 1500 varieties of dispensers have been made – and many are on display at the independent Pez Museum in Burlingame, California.
  • The highest known sale of a Pez dispenser was for a Mickey Mouse prototype – it went for $7000!

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