Required Listenings Top 5: Favorite One-Hit Wonders

Music Monday will be back with its current moniker, and Top 5 will be back in its usual format, next week. For now, enjoy the merger.

I like a pretty good variety of music (as seen in my “Favorite Things” page up top). However, there are those funky songs from obscure groups who were once, for a fleeting time, top of the heap. Here are my top 5 favorite of these “one-hit wonders”.

5. “Electric Avenue” – Eddy Grant

I’m not the biggest fan of “Electric Avenue”, but it’s a fun song a few people still remember. And it beats out “Come on Eileen” in my book.

4. “She Blinded Me With Science” – Thomas Dolby

The dude yelling “SCIENCE!” does it for me. It’s a kinda nerdy song, by a kinda nerdy guy – Dolby later made millions making the software for ringtones.

3. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”, The Proclaimers

For some reason, Scottish bands are interesting. (It’s probably their accents – I know that’s the case for the two Glasvegas songs on my iPod.) So I have to pick the Proclaimers’ only US hit.

2. “How Bizarre” – OMC

I actually heard this bit of ’90s lore a few years ago. In early 2007, WNEW 102.7 changed to WWFS, and with it, a dance playlist to an adult contemporary playlist. But they were still building their collection of tunes, so they put in a few older hits, like 1981’s Soft Cell cover of “Tainted Love” and this one by New Zealand group OMC (which, I found out recently, stands for Otara Millionaires Club – Otara is one of the poorer towns in New Zealand). It’s a fun bit of the early part of my decade – and I like the bit of brass in the tune.

But the #1 One Hit Wonder instead is…

1. “In a Big Country” – Big Country

Another Scottish band! I know that Europeans are going to be all angry, ’cause Big Country was pretty popular in Europe for years; but here in America, this was their only hit. Don’t you just love the guitars made to sound like bagpipes and the fact that the band’s name is in the chorus, let alone the title of the song?


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