Stuff I Dislike: Cicadas

So this is what a cicada looks like.

Now, compared to, say, mosquitoes or wasps, cicadas are pretty damn innocuous. They don’t sting, they don’t carry disease. It’s just that they make so much noise.

Now, it’s not like cricket noise, like this. That’s fine. In fact, it’s quite soothing. And further, what else are you going to use as a sound effect for small crowds? Instead, cicadas sound like this.

Another reason I hate waking up early in the morning during the summer: subjecting myself to the loud cicadas. I’d rather subject myself to hours of vuvuzela listening – a freakin’ vuvuzela concerto, for goodness’ sake – compared to listening to that. After the summer, you always forget about them, and then – just like the circus – they come right back for the season.

And, entomologists? Enough with that 17-year cycle of when cicadas sound louder, or there are more of them, or whatever. That’s crap. There always seem to be so damn many of them, but you never see them – you just hear them. All the damn time. Unlike nice ol’ crickets, who you can actually see, at night, and sometimes, they serve as your conscience and dance. (Oh, wait, that’s Pinocchio.)


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