First of all, once again, many thanks to Max Bachhuber of Graphic Punching for his diligent – if not fantastic, in the case of his Stuff I Dislike (that really is his forte) on diet sodas – posting during my weeklong vacation. Now that I’m back from a two-day baseball trip to Aberdeen, Maryland, and otherwise lazing about, here’s this week’s Unrandom Musings:

  • Monday Story: As promised, the latest story in the Tales of Poncho Villa, “SETI.”
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: This week, I discuss my disdain for cicadas.
  • Wednesday Top 5, Required Listenings Edition: In lieu of Music Mondays not being seen this week, we revert to its previous moniker for a Top 5 merger – this special post will be devoted to my top 5 favorite ‘one-hit wonders’.
  • Thursday Trivia: Five bits of stuff about Pez.
  • Friday Making Crap Up: We continue the series, powered by the Linkbait Generator, with “8 Myths About Bananas that Hollywood Wants You to Believe”.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: I finally get back to why I enjoy Jeopardy!, in the form of a discarded college essay of mine.

This week’s link comes from The Colbert Report (and later, apparently, on The Soup). Basil Marceaux is a gubernatorial “candidate” in Tennessee. Why is candidate in quotes? And why are we being political in the first place? Well…you’ll see.


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