Friday Story: The Long Con

You know, I was going to write a story for you guys for today, but as fate would have it, I was embroiled in a new project in which I get to write on a regular basis, a blog called The Long Con. I’ll let the blurb explain what it is:

The Apocalypse came and went, and no one attending San Diego Comic-Con really noticed. When they emerged from the convention center on Sunday night to find the world in ruins around them, they realized that they had been spared for a purpose. They realized that the wasteland around them held nothing for them, least of all a return to their old lives.

They realized the Con could go on forever.

In essence, the team will be updating once every weekday, exploring every facet of our ersatz San Diego. And you’ll be seeing a good number of posts from yours truly! Be sure to check back often. (And just to justify this in place of an original story, I did make today’s post! Face front, true believers, and excelsior!


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