Thursday Trivia: Jason Statham!


Come on. COME ON.

I missed yesterday’s post, I know. Chalk it up to adjusting to a daily schedule, but I’d rather think my mind was trying to say “EVERYTHING pisses off a fanboy.” So today, in celebration of Jason Statham’s (late) birthday, here are some tidbits about him!

  • Jason Statham is somewhat of a chess buff. While shooting the film Revolver, he and director Guy Ritchie developed an affinity for the game. Talk about a perfect chess boxer, huh?
  • You’d think his father was some sort of mutant muscle machine, right? Wrong. He’s currently a singer in the Canary Islands, of all places.
  • Jason, like a Dickensian urchin, spent his childhood years fencing stolen goods on street corners, like perfume and fine jewlery.
  • And, perhaps most dream-shatteringly of all, Statham wanted to be the new James Bond. Not to disparage Daniel Craig, but come on, who wouldn’t watch THAT movie?’

I hope that helps out all of your Jason Statham-related needs. If not, check out The Expendables, coming soon to theaters. Maybe if I hype it enough they’ll pay me.


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