Music Monday: Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die

One of my favorite new bands (and really, the current band I really appreciate because musically I’m an idiot) is Don’t Stop or We’ll Die. They’re a three man ensemble, composed of Paul Rust on bass, Michael Cassady on piano, and Harris Wittels on drums, with all sharing vocal duties. They all have a strong grounding in comedy; Rust is currently working on the new Pee-Wee Herman movie, Cassady is prominent in the L.A. comedy scene, and Wittels is a writer on the NBC show Parks and Recreation, unjustly moved to mid-season next year.

Their EP is available on iTunes, The Ballad of Bird and Fox, and it’s probably the best thing I’ve heard this month. You can listen to four of their five songs on their MySpace page, including what is probably their best work, Austin Powers. They’re recording their new album as we speak, due out later this year. Coincidentally, they also released their first music video today; check it out!


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