Guest Week: What to expect this week!

Hello there, loyal fans of Daniel’s blog. My name is Max and I’ll be leading you through the wonderful world of things that I don’t like! That’s not entirely true; I’ll be sticking to Daniel’s six-day cycle, with a bit of improvisation on Sunday, so look out for that. Anyway, long-time readers will remember me from this little post, where I accompanied Daniel to Kyedong Chicken for a delightful chicken-based taste test. I’m clearly THE ONLY ONE equipped for guesting such as this, so here’s the itinerary for this week. And just to keep it congruent from Daniel, I’ve kept the names.

  • Music Monday: I highlight comedy band Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die, one of my new favorites.
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: Highlighting my distaste toward diet sodas and their ilk.
  • Wednesday Top 5: I count down the five best ways to enrage a fanboy, having experience on both ends of that equation.
  • Thursday Trivia: A bevy of trivial facts surrounding Jason Statham, because his birthday falls in this week and because The Expendables is going to be amazing.
  • Friday’s Story: TBA. And no, not about the disease.
  • Saturday Stuff I Like: I wax about Internet Comics Folk who I happen to be affiliated with. Plug!

With that, I bid you all a good night. Look out for my posts! Try not to hurt yourselves! And check out my blog!


2 thoughts on “Guest Week: What to expect this week!

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  2. “…and because The Expendables is going to be amazing.”

    Agreed. It’s like the It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of action movies, the Ocean’s Eleven of kicking ass and taking names.

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