Thursday Trivia: Happy Pi Day!

It’s Pi Approximation Day across the world – in the European style of writing dates, it’s 22/7 – the approximation of π. Pi Day is generally celebrated on March 14th (3.14), but I missed it for the blog.

The March Pi Day’s celebration is largest in San Francisco (no, there’s no parade) at the Exploratorium, the local science museum. (The Exploratorium staff, I assume, wrote the Explorabook, a book of science experiments I got as a kid and still love to this day.) The celebration, consisting of public events in and around the museum – including eating of fruit pies (and later pizza pie) – began in 1988 under the purview of Larry Shaw.

Four more bits of trivia about the Pi Days after the jump!

  • March 14th is also sort of the epicenter of geek holidays – it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday and the day MIT sends out its decision letters.
  • While March 14th is the official Pi Day (according to a Congressional resolution), other variants exist, including March 4th (when 14% of month 3 has elapsed); April 5th (when 3.14 months of the year have elapsed); and November 10th (the 314th day of the year).
  • Lu Chao of China holds the record for memorizing the most digits of Pi, at over 67,000.
  • Two 18th century mathematicians – Frenchman Gaspard de Prony and German Friedrich Bessel – were born on July 22nd. Was being born on the European Pi Day a portent for their profession? (I’m gonna say no.)

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