Stuff I Dislike: Humidity

See, I realize that humidity is part of nature. That humidity is cyclical based on the weather fronts. That humidity eventually leads to rain.

But I still hate it.

You see, I don’t dislike rain one bit (although inside I go, “oh, crap” every time I have to go outside in the rain. (A brief tangent on umbrellas, by the way – I don’t believe in them. They constantly fall apart, it always rains when you don’t have one, and it rarely if ever rains when you do have one. They’re all so annoying.)). I’m on alright terms with rain. I love how it smells as it comes down, the pitter-patter as it hits the ground.

But why can’t it just go straight to rain? What with all the humidity in the air, there should just be a way to make it rain faster rather than keep us in meteorological limbo. Rain can make a hot day a tad bit cooler – humidity just makes a hot day hotter, because the sweat doesn’t evaporate.

And, while I know a “dry heat” of 110 (as it is now in Phoenix) is brutal, so is 95 with a 90% humidity. That just sucks.


4 thoughts on “Stuff I Dislike: Humidity

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