This Week’s Unrandom Musings

We’re heading towards the Dog Days of Summer – but while Sirius is making the sun even brighter (except not really), you can read these Unrandom Musings:

  • Music Monday: Later tonight, I celebrate Josh Groban’s “February Song”.
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: This week, I discuss why I dislike humidity.
  • Wednesday Top 5: I discuss my Top 5 New York City museums.
  • Thursday Trivia: We celebrate the European Pi Day (22/7).
  • Friday’s Story: This week, we put the Making Crap Up stories on hiatus (don’t worry, that banana post will be posted before you know it) for a new story, “The Tales of Poncho Villa”.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: I discuss my appreciation for chili.

A reminder that next week, I’ll be on vacation from the blog, but I’ll still be doing a bit of twittering every now and again – my friend Max Bachhuber will hold down the fort for me.

This week’s video is kind of a shameless plug, the first episode of The Random Report!


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