Excuse my rant here for a minute…

…but why the hell does Jeopardy! always have to be pre-empted for an Eyewitness News special?! Look, I was talking about George Steinbrenner earlier, I know he’s an important guy, but they’re talking about him on ESPN, a sister network – no need for you to join the party, too! WWOR – the current broadcast home of the Yanks – and WPIX – the previous longtime home – weren’t doing retrospectives, why should you?

But it’s really a larger problem I have – every time they preempt the Griffin game shows, it’s always Jeopardy! that gets the short end of the stick. Why not Wheel of Fortune – seriously, let’s be real here, Jeopardy! does a hell of a lot more to enrich the minds of kids than Wheel of Fortune.

And why does anything have to be preempted at all, anyway? You got a bunch of digital channels – why don’t you put them there?! It’s not like anyone’s going to pitch a fit over the Accu-Weather forecast getting preempted on the Eyewitness News Now sub-channel! And who watches Living Well HD? I want to know – if it’s more than 50 people, they’re cooking either the books or the Nielsen boxes, I’m not sure which. Thousands of people watch Jeopardy! every day – you could at least do us the favor of moving it to another network so that preemptions like this don’t have to happen.


4 thoughts on “Excuse my rant here for a minute…

  1. You could have just watched it earlier at 5 o’clock. I’m not sure what channel it’s on, I think it’s like the Game Network of one of those useless channels. Maybe it gets preemted because, essentially, it’s a rerun of the 5 o’clock show?

    • It is on at 5:00, on WLNY (Ch. 55) – but 7:00 is so much more convenient for me – and I didn’t know they were going to pre-empt it!

      And in the end, it hurts WABC for pre-empting it, I would think.

      • In St. Louis they pre-empt Jeopardy for tennis and golf. That just should be on ESPN. Sometimes I call KSDK when they pre-empt the show and they treat me like I’m crazy. Jeopardy should find a more reliable home channel in St. Louis.

      • I’m surprised they pre-empt Jeopardy! for that – though I know that, in Boston, they pre-empt the show every Friday during the football season for a preview of the Pats game.

        Generally, WABC is good, but I just don’t understand why they can’t just move Jeopardy! to one of their digital sub-channels.

        Perhaps you should write to KSDK and to CBS Television Distribution (which distributes the show) to express your displeasure.

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