This Week’s Unrandom Musings

It’s another week of posts here in the sixth month of Random Musings. Here are this week’s regular features:

  • Music Monday: Later tonight, I discuss one of my favorite classical works: Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”.
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: One day after it takes place, I discuss how I dislike the All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby.
  • Thursday Trivia (on Wednesday!): I’m switching up the Top 5 and Thursday Trivia this week, because Bastille Day is this Wednesday – 5 bits of trivia on the French holiday. 
  • Thursday Top 5: In honor of this awesome article in Esquire (hat-tip to mental_floss for the link), the top 5 most famous (or infamous, as the case may be) game show contestants.
  • Making Crap Up: This week, the theme is bananas, and the story is, “8 Myths About Bananas that Hollywood Wants You to Believe”.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: This week, I celebrate spelling bees.

This week’s video is mostly because the song popped in my head earlier today, a funky hand drawn TMBG music video… “The Mesopotamians”!

Also expect a few “Unlocking the City” posts this week. And a reminder that we’re on Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube too!


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