Read: I’m Still Proud of Mike Pelfrey

Look, I’m certainly happy for David Wright (who overcame Placido Polanco to win the third-baseman starting spot in next week’s All-Star Game in Anaheim) and Jose Reyes (who made his third All-Star Game, this time as a reserve). And I like that former Met fan favorite Ty Wigginton (however undeserved) made the All-Star team a the best of the Baltimore Orioles (which is like winning a trophy of participation in Little League).

And I’m kinda ticked that next-Walter-Johnson Stephen Strasburg won’t get to make the All-Star team after, like, 15 minutes in the Major Leagues.

But when Mike Pelfrey, 10-2, 2.93 ERA, and WHIP of just 1.2 in 16 starts (plus one save-earning 20th inning relief appearance) doesn’t make the All-Star team, even the stupid Final Vote ballot, I’m calling BS.

Even more so when you think that the ENTIRE SAN DIEGO PADRES STARTING ROTATION, the best pitching staff in all of baseball, didn’t make the team. Even more so when Heath “Pissed Off at the World” Bell and Billy “Alpaca Farmer” Wagner, not to mention Joey Votto, are relegated to the Final Vote ballot. Luckily, these guys can be saved either by the Final Vote (which I think is Survivor-esque – and therefore stuck in 1999 – and terribly inane, because some if not all of these guys will be on the roster due to injuries and whatnot anyway, especially the pitchers) or by a new rule prohibiting pitchers who started on Sunday the 11th to appear in the Tuesday, July 13th game.

Pelfrey is in the breakout season of his career and has become a veritable ace on a competitive Mets team no one expected to be competitive even this far in the season. All-Star or not, he’s become a crucial part of both the Mets rotation and the roster at-large. But wouldn’t it be nice to have him receive his due for the best season is his career so far?


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