Thursday Trivia (on Friday!): Montreal Expos

First of all, a happy belated Canada Day to our readers in the Great White North, and on the Canadian theme, a word of congratulations to “the Say ‘Eh’ Kid” Jason Bay on his 1000th career game. Jason Bay, of course, originally came from the organization of the Montreal Expos…here’s 5 bits of trivia on Major League Baseball’s most recent dearly-departed club.

Ardent Mets fans (and of course, fans of “Nos Amours”) recall that the Expos began and ended their tenure in MLB against the Amazin’s, winning their first game on April 11th, 1969, 11-10; and falling 8-1 against the Mets on September 8th, 2004.

Four more bits of trivia on the Expos after the jump!

  • The Expos were the result of Montreal basically going ape on the international scene – the ’67 World’s Fair (Expo ’67, the club’s namesake), the Metro subway system, and eventually winning the bid for the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • The Expos’ first no-hitter – by Bill Stoneman against the Phillies on April 17th, 1969 – was the earliest ever for a franchise, as they were just 10 games old.
  • Oddly enough, one of the Expos’ fans’ anthems in the ’70s was “The Happy Wanderer”, a German song from the 1950s. (Ironic when you consider that the Expos were forced in their final years to play 25 games at their ‘home away from home’ in Puerto Rico.)
  • Just as oddly, the Expos beloved mascot, Youppi!, (an orange…thing with the number “!”) is the only mascot to change leagues – going from the Expos to the Montreal Canadiens. (Previously, the Expos showed that their relationship with the Habs was a two-way street – they honored Maurice “Rocket” Richard by wearing a black “9” after his death in 2000.)
Join me later tonight as we present our first Making Crap Up story powered by the Linkbait Generator, with “Tony Hayward and the Occult”.

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