Fair or Foul: Ripping Library CD’s

Because I lack the file for my Stuff I Like post on Jeopardy! as of now (and I lack the wherewithal to turn on the computer that it’s on, because it’s so freakin’ slow), instead, a question posed to y’all…

…we all know that writing in library books is a big no-no (though oftentimes I get food stains on them, because I like to read while I eat), and ripping pages of library books even further (at least tape the page back together, please?), but I’ve always been iffy on the subject of ripping music from library CD’s. My library system’s music collection is fairly extensive (even though my local library’s…well…isn’t), and, since I listen to music most often while I’m doing work on my computer, I’ve always been tempted to download the mp3 files.

But on the other hand, it’s not my CD, so it would be akin to peer-to-peer sharing of music (and we all know what happened to Napster). So I’m in a bind. Should I or shouldn’t I? Vote and comment, please!


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