Top 5: American Sports Rivalries


Those who know me (and let’s face it, if you read this blog, you know me) know I’m a fan of all sports. And thus, I’m both aware of and a fan of sports rivalries, both in America and abroad. However, the rivalries in international sports often go past mere geographical boundaries and bad blood between teams (e.g., mes que un club), so I tend more to focus on the more mundane American sports rivalries. Here are my Top 5:

5. FC Dallas – Houston Dynamo, MLS: “The El Capitan Clasico”

The reason this Texas soccer battle is great? The trophy presented to the winning team. I present to you…

The El Capitan Cannon!

And when the Hoops of Dallas hold the trophy, they get to fire it! It’s not a great rivalry, but an awesome trophy.

4. Brooklyn Cyclones – Staten Island Yankees, MiLB: “The Battle of the Bridge”

With only 13 miles (and the tensions between these two boroughs) separating these two teams, it is the highest-profile – and frankly, most rivalrous (there have been two bench-clearing fights in the past 10 years) – rivalry in Minor League Baseball. To most, that wouldn’t mean much, but it means a lot to me!

And, within this rivalry, there was this…

3. Green Bay Packers – Minnesota Vikings, NFL

It’s the major rivalry of the northern Midwest – made even more rivalrous because of Brett Favre’s move from Green Bay to Minny (by way of the J-E-T-S) – and it’s waaay better than Bucks-Timberwolves or Twins-Brewers.

2. Boston Red Sox – New York Yankees, MLB

Yeah, yeah, most of this deals with Babe Ruth and Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone (I’m so glad, by the way, that the call for the Boone home run was Charley Steiner’s and not John Sterling’s, who merits a Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike) and it’s been sponsored to high heaven, but it actually is quite a rivalry – remember that brawl in 2003 between Pedro and Don Zimmer?

But the #1 rivalry is a bit less ballyhooed but with as much importance, as it’s…

1. St. Louis Cardinals – Chicago Cubs, MLB

This is really the rivalry for the entire Midwest, with allegiances throughout. 19 times a year, on televisions along the Mississippi and on radios throughout the Midwest, millions tune in to these games which often decide the NL Central. It’s often overlooked by people (read: ESPN schedulers) in favor of the Yanks and the Sawx, but we’re here to give it its due.


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